Incubator for biotechnology companies


The proposal for a business incubator in Rabanales 21 is based on several premises:
- The need for a highly modular solution that responds to the economic needs, of implementation and possible progressive colonization of the soil, maintaining a formal coherence.
- The search for a specific image associated with the sector to which the building will be dedicated and productive spaces linked to activities with a strong technological component and advanced knowledge. It is intended as a building with a powerful and somewhat self-absorbed appearance that suggests the intended character.
- A project is designed to be at least visually compartmentalized inside, turned towards a central space of relationship and that reinforces the intended character of common work space and strong synergies. The simple visual contact and in a certain way exposed of the workspaces, even between the different levels of the same one, tries to influence in its internal dynamics of work, relation, attitude, etc. In science, the collapse of the wave function is a process by which a system or a part of it, changes and is altered when observed or measured.
- The need to respond to the climate of Córdoba and the adaptation of the proposal to the most current requirements of climate comfort, energy consumption and environmental adaptation.


  • Client: Instituto Municipal de Desarrollo Económico (Imdeec), Universidad de Córdoba (UCO), la Consejería de Economía y Conocimiento y la Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba (Fibico)
  • Date: In progress
  • Location: PCT Rabanales 21, Córdoba
  • Team: José Antonio Meléndez, Antonio Ariza, GAD Smart BIM